Brady provides personalized support to its customers and recognizes the only way the customer can demonstrate how they value Brady's services is by where they spend their budget dollars. For more than 70 years Brady Industries has maintained a legacy of servicing customers well and as a result is consistently outpacing the industry in sales growth. In Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the most competitive markets in the United States, it is estimated that Brady's annual sales surpasses those of the next three largest competitors combined. Since 1999, Brady has consistently moved into other markets throughout the Western United States and is quickly becoming the market leader in each of its branches. Brady conducts business with honesty, integrity and old fashioned hard work; this message resonates with our customers. The following is a list of services provided for customers either in whole or in part based on their individual requirements.

Contract Pricing – Both core list and catalog category offerings for fixed time periods, with on-going management of the contract items for required additions or deletions as dictated by customer need.

Web Ordering – Both from a Brady hosted ordering site and Brady maintained catalogs on customer platforms such as Jaggaer and Ariba.

Punch-Out – We have Punch-Out (cXML) ability wherein we are able to process the results of our customer’s transaction on our ordering site directly into their purchasing system. 

Seminars – Training, workshops, in-servicing, equipment and product demonstrations all have been a regular part of the added value we provide to our customers. In addition to training scheduled as needed we will also establish training schedules quarterly, semi-annually and annually in an effort to maximize participation by more of a customer's employees.

Spend Management – Including budget review, recommended savings, implementation, and benchmarking. Brady has also provided budget support in the Web Ordering with order approval by the customer defined dollar limits or required approval hierarchy by a supervisor(s).

Equipment Service and Repair – Both site-based (mobile) repair and in-shop repairs have been a cornerstone of support for our customers. Brady has provided factory trained equipment specialists and technicians to help diagnose and perform repairs on an impromptu or as needed basis as well as programmed maintenance with regular intervals of service on customer’s equipment, at their location.

Laundry Service and Repair – Brady has been building and providing technical support for laundry facilities for its customers since 1985. Brady has dedicated, highly trained laundry specialists, technicians and engineers that have custom designed and built facilities throughout the world. Brady has factory trained site-based (mobile) service technicians that visit the customers laundry facilities on a routine basis.

Warewash Service and Repair – Brady has been installing and servicing kitchens with warewash support for its customers since 2000. Brady has dedicated, highly trained warewash specialists and technicians that can help provide kitchens with a superior quality product at a competitive price that results in a better end user quality and experience.

Chemical Specialists – Brady has an expansive 80+ team of chemical specialists placed throughout the Western United States. This team is knowledgeable and skilled to assist with any chemical need from general use chemicals to specialty chemicals used in food processing, floor care, disinfection, carpet care, waste systems and odor control.

Multiple Location/User Service Support – Brady is accustomed to dealing with a large number of users and multiple ship-to locations for each user. For example, between just two customers Brady has over 1,100 ship-to locations.

High volume transaction processing – Brady processes between 20,000 and 30,000 orders monthly. Whether received online (Web or Punch-out), through ftp, email, facsimile, postal service, via phone or will call, each order is entered promptly and accurately.

Fulfillment – Brady has Just-In-Time contracts with many of our customers in which the customer has required performance standards. Brady surpasses these both contractually as well as maintains one of the highest levels of fulfillment for all of our non-contractual customers. A large portion of Brady's customer procurement cost is the transactional processing, so we strive to have it shipped, processed and completed correctly the first time.

Customer Service – Certainly not last or least, Brady has an infrastructure and service support team designed to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. The designated Customer Service representatives are fully trained in the products and their application; as well as customers unique contract parameters. For large customers, Brady has dedicated Customer Service representatives that have been trained specifically to service these large customer accounts.

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